Beth from Florida writes:

"Katherine Allen is THE BEST! I was in desperate need of a therapeutic massage while cruising Lake Michigan. Lots of bike riding, walking and scrubbing the boat had my knees, back and shoulders aching. Katherine was so wonderful to accommodate me at the last minute and I can’t thank her enough. After 90 minutes I walked (no more limping) out of there feeling so much better. If we cruise back this way I will definitely call Katherine (in a more timely manner) and schedule a repeat visit. Thanks Again!"

Russ writes:

"Katherine is a highly effective and knowledgeable health care professional whose massage therapy treatments have helped me overcome a severe tightness in my back which interfered with my work. I rely on her massage therapy as an integral part of maintaining my overall health and well-being as I deal with a physically strenuous and often stressful job. I am very satisfied with her services and recommend Katherine highly to anyone with problems similar to mine or who may just want to feel relaxed and rejuvenated."

Elaine writes:

"A one hour massage by Katherine has allowed me to finally be truly fulfilled with massage in a full session that is satisfying and provides me with needed back relief. Katherine provides outstanding vigorous massage therapy that relieves my tension and remedies my muscular and structural discomforts."

Bill writes:

"I was very uneasy about my first massage. I was diagnosed with rotor cuff issues with my right shoulder and pain in my lower back. Katherine was able to release the pain in my tight shoulder. After a few sessions, I was able to cancel my scheduled rotor cuff surgery. My lower back has issues with 3-4 vertebrae. With regular massages every 4 to 6 weeks, I can keep the discomfort to a minimum. The massage appointments are a very relaxing time. Thank you Katherine."

Dan writes:

"As a carpenter, I have received great results from Katherine’s massage therapy services. I would recommend her services to anyone with chronic neck, shoulder and back pain."